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4 Configuration🔗

 (require koyo/config) package: koyo-lib

This module provides the define-option macro which facilitates reading environment variables, transforming them and providing them as Racket values.


(define-option name maybe-default e ...)

maybe-default = 
  | #:default default
Defines and provides an option called name. The name is uppercased, prefixed with current-option-name-prefix and has its dashes replaced with underscores; the resulting value is then passed to getenv. If the environment variable is not set, then default is used and if default isn’t provided, then the value will be #f.

name is bound inside the body of the define so options can be pre-processed. For example:

(define-option debug
  (equal? debug "x"))
(define-option concurrency
  #:default "4"
  (string->number concurrency))


(current-option-name-prefix)  string?

(current-option-name-prefix prefix)  void?
  prefix : string?
 = "KOYO"
Defines the prefix for option names as environment variables.