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22 Profiler🔗

 (require koyo/profiler) package: koyo-lib

This module provides an instrumenting profiler that can be used to measure how much time particular parts of your application are taking to execute. It comes with an embeddable widget that you can display on every page of your application during development. This is what it looks like:

Most of the functionality provided by koyo is instrumented using this profiler.


(profiler-enabled?)  boolean?

(profiler-enabled? enabled?)  void?
  enabled? : boolean?
 = #f
This parameter controls whether or not profiling is enabled. If the profiler is disabled then no timings will be collected and the widget will not be shown.


(wrap-profiler handler)  (-> request? any/c ... response?)

  handler : procedure?
Wraps a request handler for timing instrumentation.


(with-timing maybe-label description
  e ...+)
maybe-label = 
  | label-sym
  description : non-empty-string?
  label-sym : symbol?
Evaluates es and returns the result. If profiling is enabled then it times how long it takes to run the es and associates them with label-sym and description under the parent timing (if any).

When a label-sym is not provided, the label of the enclosing with-timing block is reused.


(profile-write)  void?

Writes the HTML widget for the current profile into the current output port.